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Characteristics of selected groups of bacteria

Gram Positive Cocci:

Aerobes: Anaerobes: Facultative Anaerobes:
Micrococcus Deinococcus Sarcina Staphylococcus Streptococcus Leuconostoc
Arrangement of Cells: Clusters Pairs, tetrads Pairs, tetrads Cuboids, pairs Clusters, pairs, chains Chains
Catalase: + + - + - -
Fermentation: - - + + + +
Mole % G+C: 64-75 62-70 28-31 30-39 34-46 38-44

A Rough Division of Mycobacteria:

Group: Pathogenic Species: Usual Site of Infection: Some Non-pathogenic Species:
Tuberculosis Complex M.tuberculosis, M.africanum, M.bovis Lungs, Lymph nodes M.microti
Runyan Group I: Photochromogens M.kansasii, M.marinum Lungs, Skin ---
Runyan Group II: Scotochromogens M.scrofulaceum Lymph nodes M.gordonae
Runyan Group III: Not Pigmented M.avium, M.intracellulare, M.xenopi, M.ulcerans Lungs, Bone, Skin M.gastri, M.terrae
Runyan Group IV: Rapid Growers M.fortuitum, M.chelonae Lungs, Wounds M.phlei, M.smegmatis
Not Culturable in vitro M.leprae Skin, Peripheral Nerves ---

Stylised drawing of the mycobacterial cell wall:

Chlamydial life cycle:

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